Dr. Fran White

Dr. Fran White is a psychologist and marriage and family therapist who has been in private practice for over three decades. She was a columnist for her regional newspaper and has written about human behavior and problem solving. Fran resides in Maryland with her husband, Tom, and is a grandmother of nine grandchildren.

NICKI NICE the SUPER GIRL, The Fastest and Nicest Girl Book Cover

NICKI NICE the SUPER GIRL, The Fastest and Nicest Girl

Dr. White has written this book to assist children who exhibit hyperactivity (ADHD) and to help them understand why this happens to them, introducing clinical terms such as “Neuron” on their level of understanding. In addition, if medication is prescribed by the doctor, this intervention is described in an amusing format and understood by young children. In all of the three Nicki Nice books in the series, there is always a happy ending leaving each child with much knowledge, happiness and joy.

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Nicki Nice’s Tricky Letters Book Cover

Nicki Nice’s Tricky Letters

Dr. Fran White, has written this inspiring book to meet the needs of all children, especially those with a reading deficit entitled, Dyslexia. She clearly explains the the meaning of this reading difficulty which, due to neurological deficits, causes one to perceive letters and numbers to appear in reverse, “tricky letters”. This story helps this little angel who struggles with this reading challenge to understand and cope with the emotional and social issues associated with this reading problem.

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Nicki Nice’s Bully Book Cover

Nicki Nice’s Bully

Nicki Nice’s Bully is indeed a narrative of a frightening classmate who is a bully and, as your child may have experienced, Nicki does not understand why Billy acts this way. She does wisely seek the advice of a counselor and teacher and is provided with reasons why someone bullies and how this unpleasant experience can be changed.

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Family Secrets: A Journey of Good and Evil Book Cover

Family Secrets: A Journey of Good and Evil

What should have been an enjoyable evening between husband and wife turns into a painful trip down memory lane. Prompted by the powerful theme from the production of South Pacific, Brandy Grey confronts her past of parental abandonment and lies and is determines to close the chapter that has been haunting her entire life, the carefully hidden secret of her heritage.

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