Family Secrets: A Journey of Good and Evil

This tells me nothing! Is this all you can do? Show me a picture of my mother without any clear explanation of her racial heritage! Do you realize how hurt and traumatized I was to be attacked for something that I knew nothing about! Someone that I may not be! A situation that I do not know about or have been given the facts about from my family in England! What am I? Who am I? Why are there so many family secrets?

What should have been an enjoyable evening between husband and wife turns into a painful trip down memory lane. Prompted by the powerful theme from the production of South Pacific, Brandy Grey confronts her past of parental abandonment and lies and is determines to close the chapter that has been haunting her entire life, the carefully hidden secret of her heritage. Follow author Dr. Fran White through the mysteries, drama, and tears in her search for Family Secrets: A Journey of Good and Evil.