Nicki Nice’s Tricky Letters

Why are all the letters in my reading words always going in the wrong way, in the wrong direction? That is not very nice for Nicki Nice to read! So many of my letters are not very nice because they go the other way! I just don’t know how to read! Maybe I am not so nice!

The author of Nicki Nice’s Tricky Letters, Dr. Fran White, has written this inspiring book to meet the needs of all children, especially those with a reading deficit entitled, Dyslexia. She clearly explains the the meaning of this reading difficulty which, due to neurological deficits, causes one to perceive letters and numbers to appear in reverse, “tricky letters”. This story helps this little angel who struggles with this reading challenge to understand and cope with the emotional and social issues associated with this reading problem.

The peers and families of these children will be provided with much knowledge and an understanding of Dyslexia.